In any decision-making process, the choice and weighting of criteria affect the ranking of recommendations.

Remember, each user is unique. Allowing them to adjust their preferences significantly improves their satisfaction and sense of trust.


  • 1

    Based on your understanding of your target audience, construct a user persona using the User-Persona worksheet as a guide. If you find yourself guessing, this may be an indication that more user research, with a particular focus on trust (mental models, perceived risks, expectations), is needed.

  • 2

    Using the Decision-influencers worksheet, list one or more decisions that your product or service makes for the user. For example, a healthcare app may offer possible diagnoses and recommended next actions. An investment app may present top stocks in which to invest.

  • 3

    For each decision, list the variables that influence those decisions. For example, a healthcare app may adjust recommended next actions based on budget constraints. An investment app may adjust stock recommendations based on the user’s risk tolerance.

  • 4

    Identify the influential variables that relate most to your persona’s uncertainties, concerns, and perceived risks. Brainstorm ways that you may surface these variables as options in your onboarding process or during the product or service experience.