Epic calling & meaning

If you want to inspire people to trust, communicate your mission and values. By going beyond “what” you do and providing insight on “why” you do it, you give people a purpose greater than their own interests.


  • 1

    Starting with the outer ring (“what”), list all products or services that you offer to your customers.

  • 2

    For each product or service, explain your process for providing it. What’s your secret sauce? And why is it difficult for competitors to challenge.

  • 3

    For each product or service, ask “why do we provide this?” and for each process, ask “why do we do it this way?” Keep asking “why?” until you have arrived at a meaningful and inspirational explanation. Do your why’s converge to a solitary mission? Or, is there more than one?

  • 4

    Think about how you might convey your mission in marketing, communications, and throughout your product or service experience.