Lean trust

Build trust one experiment at a time.

Trust takes time and must be built. If you overstep your bounds and go for the peak right away, you’ll lose your chance. Understanding your audience’s “trust hurdles” and guiding them along the way, will give you a better chance of reaching the summit.

Treat each request of your users as a small experiment towards building trust. React quickly to feedback and reactions in order to advance and adapt your approach.


  • 1

    Using the Trust-state journey map, identify trust states that your user must overcome over time.

  • 2

    For each trust state, identify the user’s relevant expectations and perceived risks.

  • 3

    How do the users expectations and perceived risks match up against the true nature of the system? A large disparity is an opportunity to build trust.

  • 4

    Use the Trust-funnel worksheet to explore the full space of trust building opportunities.