Trust ecosystem

With whom and what must your user trust to move forward?

There are many elements at play with a successfully orchestrated user experience—from devices to technologies to people, front stage and back.

Take the time to map out this ecosystem and leave no stone unturned. You may uncover negative associations or conditioned responses that you would not have anticipated.

This is a good precursor to developing a trust-state journey map.


  • 1

    Place your target user at the center of the trust ecosystem.

  • 2

    Next, consider the environments where the user will experience your product or service. What are the environments, devices and technologies that they may come in contact with? Pro tip: Drawing representative icons or illustrations will be helpful to you and your team for future reference.

  • 3

    Based on your inner ring, expand outward to consider the associated people, user interfaces and intelligent agents with which your user will interact.